European Academy of Science Film

The “European Academy of Science Film” is an association with the aim of promoting and supporting science films and science film festivals throughout Europe. The Academy pursues exclusively and directly non-profit-making objectives. Funds of the Academy may only be used for purposes in accordance with its statutes. Funds of the Academy are raised primarily through its members’ fees and public contributions. The objectives of the Academy are:

  • To strengthen the European Science Film in its importance.
  • To form political policy positions and statements dealing with science communication and support their representation throughout Europe.
  • To promote a European network of science communicators, filmmakers, film producers and festival organizers in Europe.
  • To organize and execute public symposiums, events and courses on topics dealing with science communication.
  • To promote and continue exchange of experiences between members.
  • To co-operate with other organizations on both national and international levels.
  • To encourage the provision of science films for an interested audience including pupils, teachers, students and scientists.
  • To award the “Best European Science Film”