AFO Press Release

Press Release - 01.05.2017

AFO handed over a European science Oscar to a film connecting science and art!

It's called European Science Film Award!
This year’s Academia Film Olomouc handed out 8 official awards and 4 honourable mentions. The European Science Film Award (awarded by the European Academy of Science Film - EURASF) joined the ranks of the main awards and was given to the documentary film The Origami Code by French director Francois-Xavier Vives. The film is extraordinary in both form and content. It sees the traditional folding techniques through the prism of science and maps various fields where the art of Origami can be employed within the realms of medicine, robotics, mathematics and even in the research of the origin of the universe.

“Quite a few significant European science festivals, including Academia Film Olomouc, came together to bring the award to life. It could be viewed as a parallel to the American Oscars as well as a brilliant tool to promote not only the individual documentaries and festivals, but the whole genre of science documentary film. It’s an immense honour that it was during AFO52 at Palacký University Olomouc, where Johan van de Woestijne from the InScience festival in Nijmegen, Netherlands handed over the award,” explains AFO festival director Matěj Dostálek. The handover of the unique European award will continue to travel through the festivals.

Christine Reisen, who accepted the prize in the name of the director and the producers La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse, fact+film and Leonardo Film, gave a short statement: "We have been honoring the documentary directed by François-Xavier Vives because it blends elegantly the beauty of the arts with the detail of science while giving a new perspective on hidden principles of the natural world."